How to Upload Candidate Information in Salesforce

using Automation.

Join us for this webinar on ‘How to Upload Candidate Information in Salesforce using Automation?’. If you are using Salesforce, you must watch this webinar and explore endless opportunities to simplify your recruitment process. In this live webinar, we will walk you through a step-by-step guided tour to parse resumes and save the resume data in Salesforce with a few clicks.

Register Yourself and Discover:

  • The Power of CandidateZip in quick resume screening

  • Automating candidate selection process

  • Simple steps of parsing resumes without the need for technical know-how


Vinay Johar

Vinay Johar 18+ years of experience at a leadership position in various companies. Worked to
build companies from scratch and scaled them to the global level. Passionate about team building,
building business canvas, and global growth.

Paramdeep Singh

Paramdeep, CEO of CandidateZip, brings with him more than 10 years of valuable experience. Always brimming with new and bright ideas, he stays focused on achieving the set goals. With this venture, his contribution towards bringing automation in the recruitment industry is bringing amazing results.

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