What it does

Recruiters are processing hundreds of resumes each month

Manually processing documents and resumes is a time consuming and significant expenditure for any recruiter. Save hours of work by eliminating manual data entry, get more accurate results and up-to-date information as our easy-to-use low-cost solution parses your resume files in real-time.

Access and leverage data trapped in files

Set-up your Zap and send structured key data to your ATS/CRM from thousands of Resumes automatically. Ensure you have information where you need it and automate your CV processing workflow.


Freedom from Manual Data Entry


Financial Planners & Insurance agents are always on the lookout for qualified potential clients.


That's why when you choose to parse resumes to obtain more appropriate clients you're equipped


to be exceptional at your work. 

Recruiters can parse thousands of resumes within seconds round the clock.


Candidate's details are always ready to go in their ATS/CRM at all times making the recruiting


process faster and simpler.