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Resume Data Extraction

for Recruiters

Connect with
300+ CRM/ATS/Database and
400+ source of your resumes

The Three-Step CPP Process

We help you extract resumes/jobs into your ATS/CRM quickly. Follow our three-step process and set up automated extraction.

The Three-Step CPP Process

  • Connect: We connect to document source via Zapier, Workato

  • Process: Process document via our algorithm

  • Push: And push data to your CRM via Zapier easily

The Three-Step CPP Process

  • Save Time on Data Entry

  • Close Jobs Quickly

  • Connect Directly to CRM

  • Automated Process

  • Simplify Resume/Job Extraction

What it Does?


Collect Your Resumes/Jobs


Process Your Resumes/Jobs


Push Data to CRM /ATS

Staffing Companies

What if you are offered a tool which is free from coding and other technical hassles and can be used by anyone by following three steps? Simplify your recruitment process through easy resume/job extraction. 


Imagine what would happen if extracting resume/job data becomes a matter of a few minutes! Enjoy the magic of CandidateZip by automating your resume extraction process and close jobs quickly.


As a startup, you have ‘n’ number of tasks lying on your plate. Automate your data entry process by adding Resume/Job parser to your services. Use your CRM as a recruitment tool by simplifying data extraction.

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