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CandidateZip Goes Public on Zapier

CandidateZip Goes Public on Zapier

CandidateZip was in the beta phase for the last couple of months. We are proud to announce that it has been approved for beta and now integrates directly with Zapier. CandidateZip has entered into a partnership with this company. In short, we are now live on Zapier.

Scanning a large number of resumes is a tough job. It is not only time-consuming but also opens the scope of human error. This calls for a solution which makes this task simpler by automating the entire process.

CandidateZip is a resume parser tool which parses resumes without the need of coding. It extracts information from resumes and saves the same in the ATS/CRM already used by the user. As of now, we connect with more than 300 ATS/CRM namely Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit, Google Spreadsheets and much more. With a one-time quick setup, parsing resumes is a smooth breeze.

How to Get Started?

  1. Create an account on CandidateZip and Zapier.

  2. Choose a ‘source’ and ‘target’ and follow step-by-step instructions for integration. Source is from where you want to parse resumes and target is where you want to save the extracted information.

  3. To start creating a zap, you need to choose a trigger and action app. Select an ATS/CRM where you want to save the data. To move further, connect your trigger and action accounts.

  4. Once this setup takes place, you are good to go.

For more information about this new integration, you can check out this link.

Benefits of this integration:

  1. Access to CandidateZip on Zapier is now open to public

  2. View unlimited templates of CandidateZip integration on Zapier

  3. More integrations are on the plate.

Here are examples of a few zaps which can be created easily by using CandidateZip. To get started, click on any of these:

Parse resumes to Spreadsheet

Parse resumes to Zoho

Parse resumes to MySQL

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