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Real-Estate Agents- Get Quality Leads Quickly!

Not able to get relevant leads?

Stop worrying! An easy-to-use solution is waiting for you.

We understand that these days, real estate marketing is more than advertising in print and electronic media. One needs to be quick and on his toes when it comes to generating business. It is also a fact that real-estate agents usually do not possess technical knowledge for using a software. And they do not have enough budget to buy an expensive resume parsing software.

Resume parser tool

How about a software which can be easily used by a layman and does not cost you much? That’s right! CandidateZip is such a disruptor in the HR industry which has changed the way resume parsing works.

But how?

A resume parsing tool which can be used without any coding or technical knowledge is a miracle for real-estate agents. Simply extract data from resumes to speed up your lead generation process. A no-code integration takes away all your worries about using a resume parser software.

Resumes can be processed from various sources such as Dropbox, Gmail, GDrive and data is pushed into the ATS/CRM you use. The best feature of this product is that it works with 4000+ ATS/CRM. Salesforce, Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit, Nimble are a few to be named.

For a real-estate agent, CandidateZip will easily filter out data of candidates on the basis of their job profiles including salary, designation, location. This data serves as leads required to get more business.

When you use this software, you need to create a zap on Zapier and a recipe on Workato. This can be explained with an example:

If you have resumes in your Gmail inbox and you use Bullhorn, check out how to upload resume from Gmail to Bullhorn or any other CRM. These are easy-to-follow steps which help you in getting leads in a go.

Let us see what happened with Michael, a real estate agent. He has a small company and sells properties. He was finding it difficult to generate leads but did not use a resume parser. As a result, he had to invest a lot of time in collecting data from various sources manually which affected other areas in his business. Competitors went way ahead of him by using this technology and he had to suffer losses in his business.

Thus, using a parser for generating quick results is one of the best strategies to be used.

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