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CandidateZip Webinar- ‘How to Optimally Upload Resume Data from Google Drive to Hubspot CRM?’

We conducted our second product demo webinar on Aug 30, 2019. The topic of this demo was ‘How to optimally upload Resume Data from Google Drive to Hubspot CRM?’, which has gone exceptionally well. Attendees got tons of value out of it. The webinar was genuinely an inventory of knowledge.

CandidateZip is a no-code resume parser that helps in extracting data from the resumes and saves it in existing ATS/CRM. It is a low-cost solution and is the best choice for small businesses.

A brief introduction was given by CEO-CandidateZip, Paramdeep Singh, about the product. Vinay, our product expert, delivered the entire product demo. He explained how easy the process is to upload Resume Data from Google Drive to Hubspot CRM optimally.

Paramdeep also talked about their new community, 'Recruiter for Recruiters, built by CandidateZip, which helps recruiters to get connected with other recruiters. More than 1200 recruiters are part of this group. Recruiters can get all the latest information regarding the webinar, events, etc. that is available in this community group. It is a unique platform for recruiters to meet their fellow recruiters across the globe. They can even resolve their queries by asking questions in the community and getting answered on the spot.

Other sources are available for recruiters, which we also follow for more information, such as Recruiterlife and hrtechinfocenter. You will get the latest information about upcoming recruiting events, HR tech news, recruiters’ questions, blogs, etc. on these websites. CandidateZip is offering an exclusive coupon up to 75% discount for one year, which was valid for the first 25 subscriptions till Sep 15, 2019 (midnight) for the attendees only.

Make it a priority to Sign Up to avail this coupon right now.

We are conducting these webinars weekly. Every time, we will come with a new topic which will be helpful for recruiters. Hurry up! Come and register for our webinars and implement our tips to ensure that your recruitment strategy generates desired results. Using it as a foundation is critical for making smart decisions.

Don't worry if you have missed the opportunity to attend this webinar. You can watch the recording here.

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