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Save Time! Automate Resume/Job Data Extraction in Just Three Easy Steps


  • Extract resumes/jobs data into your ATS/CRM quickly.
  • Automate data entry and invest your time in what you love to do.
  • Follow our three-step CPP process to save hours of work. 

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Why CandidateZip?

Read how CandidateZip instantly helped Steve, owner of a staffing company.

Learn how CandidateZip helped Stephanie, the owner of a startup in delivering quality candidates by parsing a large number of resumes in one go. 

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Follow our three-step CPP Process and simplify your recruitment process through easy resume/job extraction. 

The Three-Step CPP Process​

1. Collect Your Resumes/Jobs

CZ easily connects with your email, web folders, or other application platform. 


2. Process Your Resumes/Jobs

CZ quickly extracts data from resumes/jobs based on the best industry-standard.  


3. Push Data to CRM /ATS

CZ pushes data into 300+ global