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CandidateZip+ Workable Integration

Select CandidateZip as Action:

  1. Create your login at

  2. You may have an active plan or you can subscribe to any given plan.

  3. Go to Zapier  for  Candidatezip app. follow this link  Candidatezip App        

  4. Select Invite and sign in or signup to your Zapier account.

Select Workable as Trigger:


New Candidate

Triggers when a new candidate is created. Optionally, you can specify a specific job and stage to limit by.

Save + ContinueBased on the option selected - set the rules and test it.

And Click Finish

What is Workable

Workable is a hiring platform built to empower hiring teams and in-house recruiters to streamline recruitment. It provides tools to help them find qualified candidates and determine top talents. Founded in 2012, Workable has helped more than 20,000 companies recruit one million applicants.

Workable comes with automated and AI-powered tools that expedite the hiring process from requisition to offer letter. In addition, the platform encourages hiring collaboration and keeps the team connected anywhere and anytime through its mobile app.

Benefits of Workable

Find best-fit applicants

Workable has built-in, AI-powered sourcing technology. This scans over 400 million profiles to help make sure you can find qualified and best-fit candidates.

Expand reach

The recruiting software enables you to create SEO-optimized job descriptions. This way, you can find more candidates. You can also make use of its one-click advertising across job boards.


Workable lets you integrate with over 40 systems from HRIS to productivity tools. With that, you can build a full hiring toolkit with access to all the necessary systems you need.

Centralized system

The software supports real-time reporting. It also centralizes all requisitions, approvals, and budgets for stakeholders, providing easy access to data.

Ensure compliance

Workable has automated tools for GDPR and EEOC. Hence, it eliminates the hassle in ensuring compliance.


Quick deployment

Workable can be implemented in less than 2 weeks. Users also get access to a dedicated account manager and support as needed.

Features of Workable

  • Recruitment marketing

  • One-click posting to 200+ job sites

  • Passive candidate search

  • 400 million candidate profiles

  • Advanced employee referrals platform

  • Mobile-friendly application forms

  • Interview scheduling

  • Hiring team collaboration

  • iOS and Android mobile apps

  • Built-in assessment and interview tools

  • Offer letters and approval workflows

  • Custom pipelines

  • Reports and analytics

  • Compliance (GDPR, EEOC/OFCCP)


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