Plug in Resume Parser into BreezyHR

Select CandidateZip as Action:

  1. Create your login at

  2. Go to Zapier for CandidateZip app. Follow this link Candidatezip App        

  3. Select Invite and sign in or signup to your Zapier account.

Select HubSpot as Trigger:


New Candidate

Triggers when a new candidate is created. Optionally, you can specify a specific job and stage to limit by.

Save + Continue Based on the option selected - set the rules and test it.

And Click Finish

What's New with the

CandidateZip+ BreezyHR Integration

Using Zapier

About CandidateZip

A Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Data Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters.

What's Unique About CandidateZip

  • It is free from coding

  • Do more recruitment, not data entry

  • Save time on data entry

  • Close more jobs

  • Invest their time in what they love to do

What is BreezyHR?

Breezy HR is a recruiting platform for small and midsize businesses. The solution provides functionality for applicant sourcing and tracking, resume parsing, and video interviews and more.

The application is cloud-based and features a dedicated app for iOS devices so recruiters can use the platform on the go. Breezy HR comes with EEOC reporting capabilities, customizable career pages, and the Restful API so developers can tweak the software to their needs.

Users can source candidates from LinkedIn, AngelList and other sites using a Google Chrome extension, and can post openings to multiple job boards with a single click.

Breezy HR is available in a variety of pricing tiers based on the number of job openings an organization has.

Benefits of BreezyHR

Recruitment & Communications:

Breezy HR helps your company spread the word about your open positions and engage with potential employees without much need for manual work. Since it is integrated with AngelList and LinkedIn, your recruitment managers can begin communicating with candidates with a single click. You can also interview them from the same platform for you to assess their suitability to the job and to the organization’s culture.

Streamlined Workflow:

Overseeing the hiring process and the management of employees is seamless with Breezy HR. Your hiring staff can utilize the drag-and-drop function to simplify calendaring and resume parsing. Additionally, the solution enables you to employ scorecards in measuring employee performance and in assessing potential workers. Lastly, it has a mobile-adaptable interface that your HR team can work on with ease using their mobile devices.

Additional Integrations:

Apart from LinkedIn and AngelList, Breezy HR can connect with Google Jobs and SEEK as well as several other jobseeker sites. This accelerates the posting of open positions and streamlines background checks, thus allowing you to find and hire the best candidate faster.

Features of BreezyHR

  • Reference Checks

  • Mentions

  • Customizable Pipelines

  • Hiring Management Inboxes

  • Resume Parsing Questionnaires

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Email & Schedule Candidates

  • Customizable Email Templates

  • Smart Searching

  • Candidate Scorecards

  • Distilled Reporting & Analytics

  • Team Collaboration

  • Career Pages

  • Unlimited Candidates

  • Candidate Management

  • Technical Support

  • Unlimited Users

  • Posting on Job Boards

  • Developer API

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Chrome Extensions

  • In-App Scheduling


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