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How To Use CandidateZip

Parsing through Zapier

It allows you an opportunity to integrate with CandidateZip via Zapier through which you can automate the resume/jobs extraction process. Watch this short video to understand.

Parsing through Power Automate

Recruiters can create and automate their workflows without any technical hassle. It also allows you to extract data from resumes/jobs. Watch this short video and know more.


CandidateZip API

It is a free of cost integration program that allows you to generate maximum revenue. This feature is an add-on to users. Let’s explore how it works.

*Right now, our API is only for ATS and it is a per user model.

Zip Upload

It helps recruiters to quickly parse candidates resumes/JDs in bulk. Through this you can extract candidates data in a few clicks and save a lot of time. Let’s watch a short video of this feature.

Email Parsing

With this attribute you can easily extract data from incoming emails. Also, you can convert an unstructured email into structured data. A short video to understand it better.


One-to-One Match

It provides JD to resume or resume to JD match with detailed matching results like matching field, matched value, score, etc. A short video to know more about this amazing feature.


CandidateZip + Zoho Recruit

This lets you add candidates to the Zoho Recruit Panel directly by adding resume files. Through this you can minimize the manual effort involved in extracting data from resumes, speeding up the hiring process. Let's have a look.

CandidateZip + Power Automate Desktop

Check how you can parse resumes from your desktop to google sheets using CandidateZip. Download and Install MS on-premises data gateway from here.

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