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How to Use CandidateZip 

It's straightforward! Just three steps and you will be using them. And most important, no programmer is required to complete this process. 


Step 1:  Go to CandidateZip-Zapier integration

and select a source of your resumes such as Gmail attachment, Dropbox, Google drive, etc. There are approx 500 options you can think of. 


















































Step 2:  Once you have configured your source, add a step of Candidatezip and configure it.  If you need help, please visit at Search for your source and target at the central box. 


























Step 3:  Add a third step at Zapier and select where you want to store data. Few commonly used options are Salesforce, MySQL, Nimble, Google Sheets, and many more. There is a list of approx 300 CRM/ATS/Databases. 














































































Once you have completed your setup, you will be ready to go.... 

Your Candidatezip integration is done, and you can start using it. 


In case you need any help visit  and look for "Integration Help" at the center of the page. 

Put your Source (From), and target (To) and the system will show you detailed step by step on how to use it. 


A Brief Help Guide

What is a Trigger?
A trigger means a point from where you want to start. For example, you want to parse resumes from Gmail and add results into Nimble, then Gmail will be the trigger. While creating a zap, you can choose just one trigger.
What is an Action?
An action refers to what happens once a trigger happens. For example, while parsing resumes from Gmail to Nimble, Nimble will be the action. It must be noted that there can be multiple actions in a zap. 

Check out the complete list of ATS/CRM CandidateZip supports.


Here is an example how you can create a zap using Candidatezip and save information in ATS/CRM.


How to use CandidateZip?
Extract data from rsumes
Parse resumes to ATS/CRM
Parse resumes in bulk
Store data into your ATS/CRM
Upload resumes to ATS/CRM