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CandidateZip and Greenhouse Integration

What benefit recruiters can take from CandidateZip+Greenhouse Integration?


CandidateZip + Greenhouse CRM Direct Integration

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Integration Guide

  • Log in and you’ll view the integration options available on Candidate Zip.

  • Click on Greenhouse and enter your API key.

  • If you haven’t yet generated the key, click API credential management and then click the new API key.

  • Under the API type segment, select harvest and mention a description, e.g. candidate Zip key. Copy the key and save it. After providing the back clicking manage permission, the key will be generated.

  • Once successfully completed, you can proceed further by entering the Greenhouse API.

  • Map the greenhouse candidate fields to Candidate Zip fields. Some of the fields have been automatically mapped by the team. You can, however, customize and add new mapping fields.

  • Once successfully updated, select a resume. Click update and to check whether the CV is updated on the greenhouse recruitment panel, click all candidates.

  • A new candidate will be created with resume feeds.

  • Congratulations, your candidate was added successfully.


**Please opt for a plan of your choice to benefit from the services.

CandidateZip + Greenhouse CRM Integration
Using Zapier

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Select CandidateZip as Action:

  1. Create your login at CandidateZip.

  2. Go to Zapier to start using the CandidateZip app. 

  3. Signup or login to your Zapier account.

Select Greenhouse as a Trigger:

‘New Candidate Application’

  • Choose an action event from the given options and click on ‘Continue’.

  • Sign in to Greenhouse.

  • Click save and continue

  • Specify a specific job and stage to limit by.

  • Save and Continue based on the option selected

  •  Set the rules to test it and click on finish

  • Your Zap is created.

Benefits of
CandidateZip+ Greenhouse Integration

  • Save Time on Data Entry: With an automated resume/job data extraction, recruiters can save a lot of time. 

  • Automated Process: It minimizes the manual efforts in extracting data from resumes and fastens the recruitment process. 

  • Simplify Resume/Job Extraction: With a simple three-step process, you can streamline data extraction.

  • Close Jobs Quickly: As recruiters can extract resume/job data quickly, it helps them to close more jobs with a few clicks.

  • Connects Directly to Greenhouse: You can extract resume/job data and store it directly into Greenhouse.

About CandidateZip

CandidateZip is a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. They can automate your hiring workflows and find the perfect fit with our innovative tools. It helps recruiters who need to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM quickly. Easily set up this automated extraction process in three easy steps. 

What's Unique About CandidateZip?

  • Save 100% time on data entry

  • Extract 80% faster resume data

  • Automate data entry with our three-step CPP process

  • Simplified resume/job extraction just a click away

  • Supports 300+ CRM/ATS/Database and 400+ source of your resumes

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse Software is the fastest-growing provider of enterprise talent acquisition software. It helps thousands of organizations to design, automate all aspects of hiring, helping them to compete for and win top talent with the Greenhouse Talent Acquisition suits.


Greenhouse, Zapier, and others are among the trademarks of the respective companies. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Candidatezip doesn't own and represents any of these brands/trademarks.

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