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      Plug in Resume Parser into Salesforce    

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Recruiters using Salesforce as an ATS or CRM usually face following challenges daily:


  1. Multiple accounts receiving resumes

  2. Manually uploading resumes

  3. Time restraint to reach the best candidate first



Sarah is a reputed recruiter from a staffing industry receiving resumes round the clock into numerous accounts. She uses Salesforce CRM to keep everything together on one platform for the team to use. Quite often, candidates didn’t fill the complete form which left her filling out details and following up herself, all manually. CandidateZip parsed resumes and saved data in Salesforce with much ease. This saved a lot of time and manual efforts of Sarah.



Extract text from resume files and automatically create new contacts/Lead/Custom object in Salesforce with the parsed data.

Obtaining data about candidates, their attributes and whereabouts are integral for recruiters. Generating resumes from numerous sources and keeping intelligent data into a centralized system is critical for their business.

CandidateZip accelerates and streamlines this practice by creating a custom process for your business need. Resume coming from multiple sources and formats can be parsed and uploaded into Salesforce.


Resumes could be stored in an email inbox, desktop, social accounts or on your server. CandidateZip can automatically grab them and extract key data sets crucial for a recruiter stored in these documents. Don’t limit yourself to using only the Salesforce data loader or manual data entry. CandidateZip provides an extra level of flexibility and opportunity for resume data extraction.

Import documents from various sources into Salesforce without coding. Check out our integration partners Zapier & Workato. It automatically fetches resumes from virtually anywhere into your Salesforce account.


Save hours of manual work, get more accurate results, and streamline your workflow with a proven solution counted on by Salesforce users.

Our parser extracts nearly any information you would need from a resume and sends it directly to your Salesforce account.

Find out how to enable this within few minutes on your own from here.

You can now easily know where your top candidates are coming from, so you can leverage those resources more effectively, build and maintain meaningful relationships with candidates right from the start.


CandidateZip Integrations

To create your Salesforce integration, connect your CandidateZip account, Source account (for eg Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive and hundreds more) and choose the object which should be created in Salesforce. All default objects (Account, Case, Contact, Lead, Opportunity) are available as well as custom object created by the user.


Salesforce object

Once you have defined your Target Object, you will have the chance to map your data accordingly with field mapping between the CandidateZip fields and the Salesforce fields (please see below).



Once this is done, the integration is ready to use. Each time you receive or upload resume into your source account, parsed data would automatically be sent and updated into your Salesforce account as per your field mapping.

Have questions? Contact us for your upload Resume to Salesforce needs.

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