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What's New with this Integration?

Integration Guide

  • Click on Zoho Recruit from among the list of integration options available on Candidate Zip.

  • Install Candidate Zip from the Zoho Recruit Marketplace

  • Follow the steps mentioned alongside and install the application. 

  • Once the extension is successfully installed, click on the 3 dots tab mentioned on the top right side of the menu bar. 

  • Choose Candidate Zip from the drop down menu and click connect to Candidate Zip.

  • Fill your Candidate Zip login credentials.

  • Select Candidate Zip from the options that pop up and click submit and then the accept button in the next window.  

  • The next step is to map the fields of your choice with Candidate Zip’s fields.

  • Some of the fields have already been mapped for you by the team, but you still get an option to customize these.

  • Click update and your selected fields will be successfully added.

  • Select the resume of a candidate that you want to add and click done.

  • To confirm whether the resume has been successfully uploaded, click on the candidates tab on the menu bar.

  • Congratulations for the successful addition of the candidate’s resume in your list.

  • For further customization, you can also add candidate customs field value with Candidate Zip.   


**Please opt for a plan of your choice to benefit from the services

Benefits of CandidateZip for Zoho Recruit 

  • Save Time on Data Entry: With an automated resume/job data extraction, recruiters can save a lot of time. 

  • Automated Process: It minimizes the manual efforts in extracting data from resumes and fastens the recruitment process. 

  • Simplify Resume/Job Extraction: With a simple three-step process, you can streamline data extraction.

  • Close Jobs Quickly: As recruiters can extract resume/job data quickly, it helps them to close more jobs with a few clicks.

  • Connects Directly to Zoho Recruit: You can extract resume/job data and store it directly into Zoho Recruit.

About CandidateZip

CandidateZip is a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. They can automate your hiring workflows and find the perfect fit with our innovative tools. It helps recruiters who need to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM quickly. Easily set up this automated extraction process in easy steps. 

What's Unique About CandidateZip

  • It is free from coding

  • Do more recruitment, not data entry

  • Save time on data entry

  • Close more jobs

  • Invest their time in what they love to do

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a leading recruitment management platform and applicant tracking system created for small startups and medium-sized companies. It won our Great Customer Support Award and Customers’ Choice Award for its superb range of customizable features and easy-to-use interface that both novice and professional users love.  

Completely cloud-hosted and mobile-ready, Zoho Recruit provides its users with powerful tools that can help them publish job openings, source candidates, assess resumes, as well as manage interviews. In addition, the software is also equipped with plenty of back-office tools such as document collaboration, territory management, and automated workflows in order to help you make your overall operations more efficient. The software is even equipped with security options that allow you to keep your confidential data away from prying eyes.


Zoho Recruit, Zapier, and others are among the trademarks of the respective companies. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Candidatezip doesn't own and represents any of these brands/trademarks.

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