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Code-free App Automating Workflows in No Time

Innovative Tools Bringing Accuracy & Automation to the Hiring Workflows

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Benefits of CandidateZip

Automate hirng workflows

Automated detailed resume data extraction 

Extract resume data accurately

Allows users to extract their custom candidate fields from resumes accurately

Parse information from resumes

Fast data migration from any source, including CRM and historical data

HR workflow automation

A coding-free app for recruiters to automate their workflows in no time

What We Offer?

Resume parsing software via Zapier

Zapier allows its users to connect CandidateZip with 2000+ apps.

Resume parser for one-to-one match

It allows you to have a one-to-one match between two sets, like one resume and one JD to match. 

Extract resume data from emails
Zip Parsing to upload data into ATS/CRM

It allows you to directly import Excel file data into your CRM/ ATS from a downloaded file.

Resume parsing via power auomate

Service that helps users to create and automate workflows without any technical hassle. 

CandidateZip rsume parser & Zoho Recruit

CandidateZip for Zoho Recruit lets you add candidates to Zoho Recruit Panel directly by adding resume files. 

It allows you to extract data from incoming emails and can also extract specific data fields.

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Save Time, Money and Achieve Hiring Success With CandidateZip by upto 90%

Recruiters can automate their hiring process easily & can hire the perfect candidate with a few clicks. We help them to save 90% of their time by using innovative tools so that they can do what they love to, i.e. closing more jobs.

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