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7 Benefits of CandidateZip-HubSpot Integration

As a recruiter, what are the three most annoying steps of hiring?

I will go with the most common responses to this question. The first one is repetitive manual tasks, the second is chasing the candidates and not getting appointments, and the third is candidates getting ghosted out mid-way the hiring. With the help of an inbound marketing and sales platform like HubSpot, businesses are now managing different departments effortlessly under one roof. But what about the recruiters? What if the human resource has a resourceful tool at their behest. I am talking about enhancing the capabilities of the HubSpot account with recruitment automation software. You may now ask how? And I suggest going through this tentative 5-minute read that can help in HR workflow automation using recruitment automation tools to increase the overall growth of your organization.

Just as social, demographic, and identity integration help create more substantial unity among people, CandidateZip integration with HubSpot helps recruiters automate the HR process by creating a fast and easy hiring workflow. Now imagine yourself in a situation where you are making those lengthy excel sheets with 20 different fields of candidacy information. Is that a pain point? The pain of managing the valuable data of the job applicants. Above all, the time you spent scrutinizing the applicants from multiple sourcing points is a loss. Well, that's more than a pain, but CandidateZip has turned that into a gain. CandidateZip is a recruitment automation software that allows recruiters to accurately and efficiently parse information from resumes, including standard and custom candidate fields. The solution is engineered for HR professionals for recruitment automation with the best resume parsing software.

CandidateZip offers numerous benefits with HubSpot Integration. To enlist a few:

Ease of Use

As simple as plug and play, CandidateZip helps parse the information from resumes and FastTrack the recruitment process. CandidateZip is a no-code resume parser tool that automates the pre-hiring process workflow. Tailor-made for HR professionals and recruiters, the AI-driven tool extracts valuable information from resumes from multiple sources like Gmail, Dropbox, zip files, Google Drive, or any other sources powered by Zapier. The tool then transfers this information into your HubSpot CRM. So, you never have to leave HubSpot after a one-time quick setup.

• Bye Bye Data Entry

There is nothing more uneasy than filling out those cliché recruitment forms. Studies have shown that a significant number of candidates are lost during the hiring process due to the repetitive form-filling process. CandidateZip integration with HubSpot tackles this problem by offering HR automation with its auto-mapping feature, making the manual process of data entry passé. The 140+ fields are intelligently extracted and mapped from parsed resumes into structured and searchable formats.

• HR Workflow Automation

CandidateZip offers HR workflow automation by automating the recruitment process without technical knowledge. The recruiters on HubSpot can get access to auto-generated candidates with zero manual effort. The hiring workflows increase accuracy and help you reach the best-in-class talented professionals in just a matter of clicks.

• Diverse Hiring

Diversity is beauty, diversity is unity, and diversity is opportunity. Great Place to Work's research shares that a diverse and inclusive workplace has seen 5.4 times higher employee retention than a usual work setup, ultimately resulting in higher revenue generation. CandidateZip is a competent resume parser tool that offers customizable candidate selection with a plethora of fields to choose from—enabling you to hire the best candidates based on the skills and merits of the jobs.

• Enhanced Candidate Experience

In a few minutes, you can permanently lose your next potential employee. The transfer of candidate information by CandidateZip to the HubSpot account via human resource automation workflow can help recruiters and professionals considerably reduce the drop-off rate for candidates. You can reach your budding candidates within a day, adding to the efficiency of the entire recruitment process.

• Efficient Resume Parsing

CandidateZip is an efficient and automated resume parsing tool that helps create a hiring workflow for recruiters. The parsing speed at which CandidateZip functions is 300 Milliseconds per resume. That's the same speed at which you might have raised your eyebrows after knowing the parsing speed. This speed reduces up to 90% of the daily routine time and helps speed up the hiring process. It's time for recruiters that are using HubSpot to opt for recruitment automation software and attain the perfect results with zero manual data entry.

• State of the Art Security

CandidateZip uses SSL to keep your data safe and secure. The best part is that we never store any of our client's data on disk for any parsing transaction, setting a differentiator from other SaaS-based companies.

Conclusion: It is now evident that deploying AI within the required framework has reaped tangible results for various organizations. The Global AI Survey by Mckinsey & Co. 2020 reported a 5 to 10% average revenue increase and average cost decrease of up to 27% in Human Resource management. Hence, improved monitoring, better quality, reduction of human error, and better talent management can be attained by integrating an automated resume extraction process such as CandidateZip.

To start with, CandidateZip is offering a no-questions-asked 7 days trial, so why wait?


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