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Is the Perfect Candidate Slipping Through Your Net? CandidateZip Can Help

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Are you finding it challenging to hire the perfect candidates despite being AUTOMATED? We’ve seen many recruiters invest thousands of dollars on a resume parser, yet their reach to potential candidates doesn’t improve. Well, here’s some food for thought.

CandidateZip resume parser for hiring workflows
CandidateZip resume parser for hiring the perfect candidate

Most of the candidates while submitting the resumes leave the website halfway to avoid filling the same details again in the form. The manual data entry not only wastes the time of the candidates but also that of the recruiters. Scrutinizing hundreds of resumes and then sorting them according to the skills and selection criteria normally takes days that too with errors intact.

So, Who’s At Fault Here? Is It The Candidate Or The Parser?

Our vote goes to the resume parser. The parsers’ inability to identify the data in resumes is quite a significant flaw. Some of the repercussions that come with the flaw include:

Unintentionally losing the perfect candidates

  • An extended hiring time

  • An increase in the cost per hire

  • A decline in the brand value

As A Recruiter, What Attributes Do You Need To Look For In A Parser?

When scavenging around, ensure that the resume parser you opt for can:

  • Easily integrate with your systems

  • Match data

  • Parse resumes in multiple languages

  • Segregate the candidate resumes into different fields

  • Allows fields customization to meet the individual requirements

  • No coding

  • Multiple connectors and flow

  • One time setup which runs automatically

  • Configurations that reduces data entry process

How CandidateZip Fits in the Picture?

CandidateZip gives the recruiters a chance to automate their recruiting process and hire the perfect candidate in a few clicks. The recruits also get access to innovative tools that saves up to 90% of their time. Apart from this, other benefits include:

  • Automated & detailed resume data extraction

  • Allows users to extract their custom candidate fields from resumes accurately

  • Fast data migration from any source, including CRM and historical data

  • A coding-free app for recruiters to automate their workflows in no time

It’s important for the recruiters and HR managers to value and understand the functionalities of resume parsing. CandidateZip is a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. The parsing process becomes accurate and fast with the ability of the plugin to connect with more than 1000 sources like Gmail, Gdrive, Dropbox, and more. Add to this list the 4000+ CRM/ATS or databases. Other useful functionalities include:

Integrating with CandidateZip via Zapier facilitates the recruiters to automate the resume/jobs extraction procedure by connecting with 2000+ apps.

This feature allows you to directly import the excel file data from the downloaded file into the CRM/ATS. You, as a recruiter, can quickly parse the candidate’s resumes in bulk. Just a few clicks, and the extracted data will be there in your system, which also means that you’ll end up saving a lot of valuable time.

Worried that you aren’t technically versed? This feature helps you create and automate your workflows without you having to be technically adept.

  • CandidateZip + Zoho Recruit

Add resume files and then add the candidates to Zoho Recruit Panel directly with this ingenious feature.

  • Email Parsing

Easily extract the candidate data from the inboxes and extract specific data fields as per your requirements. The Email parsing feature helps you convert the unstructured resume into structured data.

  • One-to-One Match

Fetch the exact results for a job description to resume or resume to job description match, including matching field, matching value, score, and a lot more.

Summing Up

Remember, numerous ATS platforms that come integrated with parsing software, but not necessary, each parser too comes with functionalities that ease your job as a recruiter. But knowledge of the features that can make your job easy and better will definitely help you make the right choice. Sign up if you need more advice on how CandidateZip can be the right parsing software choice for you.


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