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Dear Startups, things you must know while hiring employees!

Worried about hiring the right employees?

No need to set up an HR department or hire technical support.

Use CandidateZip and realize the power of a click in recruiting the best fit.

As a startup, you have ‘n’ number of tasks lying in your plate. There is a lot of pressure of doing multiple things at one time. Many new entrepreneurs do not have much exposure to new tools and strategies available. They end up making things messy resulting in less productivity. Taking a step back and exploring a solution for the challenges will surely bring desired results.

Check out the statistics which show how small businesses hire candidates: According to, 48% of small businesses use resume databases to screen candidates. Thus, managing resumes is of utmost importance.

Let us see what Amanda, CEO of a leading startup, did to hire employees. She started her company with a team of four. And in order to get work done, she had to set up various departments and hire employees. With a very low budget, she could not afford expensive resume parsing tool and did not have an HR department too. She was looking for an easy-to-use solution which can be used even by a layman This is when CandidateZip stepped in to solve her problem.

Resume parser tool without coding, API.

An Easy-to-use resume parsing technology for Start-ups

Startups have a limited budget and resources to make use of any technology. Thus, having a resume parser tool which is free from any requirement of coding or technical support is the need of the hour.

CandidateZip is a gamechanger in the HR industry which helps in extracting data from resumes to accelerate recruitment process with no-code integration. With a one-time quick set up, it can process resumes from sources like Gmail, GDrive, Dropbox and push the data into your existing ATS/CRM. It supports more than 4000 ATS/CRM like Bullhorn, Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets etc. Thus, you do not need to spend money on getting a new ATS in place.

As of now, the software works with two integration partners: Zapier and Workato. You need to create a zap or recipe by using these platforms. For example, you want to parse resumes from Gmail and store the filtered data in Google Spreadsheets, simply follow the steps mentioned in this link:

This low-cost solution needs you to follow easy steps and with a few clicks, you can get data extraction done from as many resumes as you want.

The main objective of this software is to help startups speed up their recruitment process by finding candidates quickly. It is time you bid adieu to manual intervention and automate your process to save time and money.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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