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Financial Planners-Get Qualified Prospects in a Moment!

Worried about finding the right prospects?

If yes, make your life simpler by using a no coding parsing solution, CandidateZip.

Building a qualified prospects list is the main aim of financial planners. The fact that resumes can provide relevant prospects cannot be overlooked. Thus, insurance agents make sure that they get required data from resumes. But how do they sort out so many resumes and get the relevant information? A resume parser is the solution for this issue.

Financial planners usually have a small business and do not have time, money and resources to buy an expensive resume parsing software. Some of them refrain from using such a solution as they do not have any technical knowledge to use the product.

Meet CandidateZip- a low cost resume parsing solution with no code integration.

All you have to do is sign up with the software and start parsing resumes through Zapier or Workato. This will help you in extracting data from resumes and accelerate prospects finding process. The filtered data will give you information about income, age, location, job profile and other details of the prospects. This is the criteria for determining a qualified prospect.

CandidateZip will automatically extract data from G Drive, emails, dropbox and other sources and push the same into your ATS/CRM. At present, it connects with more than 4000 ATS/CRM such as Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, Nimble, Zoho Recruit etc.

Check out this example to know how this process works:

If you want to process resumes from your Gmail inbox and store in Hubspot, check out how to upload resume from Gmail to Hubspot.

Follow these quick steps to get desired results.

This is how Samantha, an insurance agent, got benefited by using CandidateZip. She needed an authentic data using which she could generate qualified prospects. After using CandidateZip, she could get relevant information in no time. As a result, her business results were positive.

If you are an insurance agent or have a small financial planning company, choosing this solution will be the right decision. It will surely put a positive impact on your business.

What are you thinking about?

Sign up now.

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