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CandidateZip Conducts its First Product Demo Webinar

CandidateZip is achieving new milestones, and we have now started conducting webinars. We organized our first product demo webinar on August 9, 2019. The idea behind providing these demos is to increase productivity of the attendees and take them through a step-by-step guided tour on how to use CandidateZip effectively.

The topic for this demo was ‘Converting Resumes from Google Drive to Excel or Google Sheet.’It was a perfect platform to interact and was a real treasure trove of knowledge.

CandidateZip is a no-code resume parser designed especially for recruiters and staffing firms. What fascinates many recruiters is the fact that resume parser can be used without coding.

Paramdeep Singh, CEO-CandidateZip, gave a brief introduction about the product. Our Product Expert, Vinay, delivered the entire product demo showing the step-by-step process of extracting resumes from different sources. He explained how easy it is to create a zap and parse resume files.

Paramdeep also talked about a community named as ‘Recruiter for Recruiters’ created by CandidateZip. This community helps recruiters to get connected. More than 1200 recruiters are a part of this group. They interact with each other every day and resolve their queries by asking questions and getting answered on the spot. All the information regarding the webinar is available in this community group.

There are also other few sources available for recruiters, which we also follow for more information, such as Recruiterlife and hrtechinfocenter. You will get the latest information about upcoming recruiting events, HR tech news, recruiters questions, blogs, etc. on these websites.

We are conducting these webinars every week. Every time, we will come with a new topic which will be helpful for recruiters. We are also conducting recruiter training webinars. All the related information will be available on

Our special thanks are for Vinay, our product expert. It was great to see how enthusiastically Vinay demonstrated the product demo. The massive hit was the question/answer round where every recruiter got a chance to ask their queries. We also offered an exclusive coupon for the attendees i.e., 75% discount for one year, which was valid for first 25 subscriptions or till August 31, 2019 (midnight) whichever was earlier.

Would you like to attend our next product demo webinar? Get more information here.

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