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3 HR Technology Trend To Monitor in 2021

2019 has forever left its mark on the way we live and work due to COVID-19. Embracing new technology and raising expectations of business purpose has become paramount. Though we live through the pandemic when publishing this blog, we need to start preparing for a post-COVID-19 world.

Let's go through the below points in which we will reflect on 3 HR trends we are expecting in 2021 and beyond.

1. Home is the New Office

This is the most visible change in 2020 when the global overnight shift to remote work. Working from home had already become increasingly common among employees before the start of the pandemic. Many workplace experts agree that remote working is here to stay for long. Regardless of technology, location and project management tools can help improve employees' productivity to provide a remarkable change in the results. These tools can also help employees to improve functionality and usability.

2. Workflow Automation

Workflow automation can help recruiters or HR managers to work efficiently and effectively. Automating workflows will allow recruiters to automate their process and quickly select the most relevant candidates in a few clicks. AI plugins like CandidateZip help recruiters to manage resumes/jobs easily in your hiring process without any technical hassle. With our help recruiters can save their time and do what they love to do, i.e., close more jobs.

3. Learning & Development For Business Success

Pandemic has forced a shift from in-person learning to e-learning, online coaching, AR, VR. One of the critical HR trends is learning and development. However, there was already a strong need for upskilling a large part of the global workforce before COVID-19. Nowadays, employers should focus on their current employees rather than continuously searching for new skilled talent. The most efficient way to compete is to upskill your HR team, ensuring that they have the expertise to secure success in a changing future.

HR leaders who embrace advanced technology will be able to evolve their roles from tactical to strategic, creating opportunities to lead digital transformation.

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