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5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Advocate for Your Brand

It's been more than nine months since COVID-19 disrupted our lives. Due to this pandemic, the prices are getting higher, time is running out, and the competition between the organizations is getting fierce. So, I decided to give you a magical solution that will help you in marketing your brand.

Investing in brand advocates for your organization takes time and resources. But at this time of crisis, spending your resources on branding is not a smart idea. However, many organization owners underestimate the power of inherently brand advocates: 'their employees'.

In my blog, I'll provide you a few tips to tap into your employees' incredible potential and how you can build employee advocacy for your organization.

1. Encourage Employees to Share What They Feel About the Organization: Employees can tell your brand story with full emotions. They can play an important role in turning your social media campaign into a great success. Social media is the perfect tool for brand advocacy. Encourage your employees to share job openings, reward functions, fun activities, etc. on their social page so that potential talent knows about the organization and directly approaches you.

2. Transform Employees into Superstars: When you create content for your website or clients, include your employees in a meaningful way. Mentions how new employees are exploring ways to improve the organization's productivity. Use your employees in promotional efforts and make sure they share the content posts on their social media pages.

3. Involve Your Employees in Discussions: Get ideas from your employees to run any campaign because they are more closer to the practical norms. Do not discount their feedback as noise, listen to them carefully, and implement what they say. This will also bring transparency in your organization. When your employees have a clear picture of their leader, they will naturally help the organization rise.

4. Use Right Tools for Your Teams: Invest in getting the right tools for your employees will help you in winning their hearts. Making your employees' work-life easier, in the long run, will help them become more productive and efficient. Technology has reduced the time to hire by providing predictive data that can help recruiters optimize overall hiring strategies. The recruiters can use a recruitment solution like a resume parser that helps to automate resume data extraction by extracting data from resumes/jobs into its ATS/CRM quickly.

5. Hold a Live Q&A with Your Employees: Most enthusiastic employees in your organization are the perfect brand ambassadors. Let these employees relate to your followers through a question/answer round on their social media page. Answering all the questions through a live session will provide a good satisfaction rate to your clients, and employees will also feel more connected with the organization.

Human connection is the most powerful factor, and employers should use it effectively. By implementing these things in your system, teams will not only be happier in their workplace, but they will become your perfect brand advocates.

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