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A Plan of Returning to the New Normal with A Few Learnings

Self-quarantine, social distancing, and self-isolation are not part of our vocabulary at the start of 2020. But if we look back several months into the new decade, we are all hearing and using them in our routine. There is no denying that the COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed everything.

To keep operations going on, the organizations have started working from home. How long will we remain in this uncertainty? The answer is we do not know, but yes, one thing is for sure that this outbreak will change everyone's lives. What exactly this new normal look like post-COVID-19?

As the world is getting unlocked, let us scrutinize a few steps we should keep on doing post-COVID-19 to enhance the recruitment process of the organization.

1. Efficient Use of Technology: Technology has played a pivotal role during the pandemic. Organizations can use technology to generate a desirable result. With automation, you will be able to manage your workflows to streamline the recruitment process. Various AI tools like resume parser simplify resume/job data extraction into ATS/CRM quickly. Thus, shortlisting candidates will be just a click away.

2. Reskilling of Employees: Post pandemic situations will be difficult for the organization to survive in a competitive environment. The organization needs to learn how to be productive and how to eliminate critical aspects of their role. Reskilling is the perfect way to keep yourself in high performing form. It will help you in highlighting your priorities and will help you to be more focused.

3. The Power of Social Media: It is an expert platform that can reach out to the maximum prospects through few clicks. Here on this platform, you can engage with your potential candidates and start the interaction. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed,, etc. can help recruiters to find a perfect applicant according to the need of a job. The best aspect of social media is that it does not require much investment and delivers the maximum result with minimum efforts.

4. Offer Video Interviewing: It can cut your time-to-hire by creating efficiencies in your hiring process. Recruiters can offer scheduling interview timing according to mutual discussions. Recruiters can even record this interview for further discussions. It will reduce the hiring cost and save the efforts that would otherwise be spent on manual screening.

5. Be Flexible with Working Hours: Providing such perks to employees will help an employee to feel less burdened. Design the number of working hours that an employee needs to complete in a week. This will be more feasible for employees. Avoid stressing your employees at this point; even you should harbor this culture in your organization.

Returning to routine life is essential for organizations now. Taking these considerations in mind, you can develop your plan for transitioning back into the office. This will help you to ensure a fruitful result for your plans.

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