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Automate Your High-Volume Recruitment With CandidateZip

One of my close friends is designated as an HR Manager in a large company. We usually meet each other every weekend, but due to this COVID-19 situation now, we mainly talk over the phone. When we were discussing our office routine with each other, we started talking about his recruitment challenges. He told me that, on average, he receives 70 resumes per day. If we multiply that by 365 days, that's 25,550 resumes per year!!

He said that he managed these resumes in filing cabinets. This was an inefficient system. Whenever his organization was looking to hire someone, he or his team had to sort through stacks of resumes by hand. And the other major challenge was that these resumes would quickly become out of date.

I shared my experience with him and tried to solve his challenges. I suggested that he should try a Resume parser to parse the information. It has different features which can also resolve this issue to manage resumes in bulk.

A tool like CandidateZip has recently announced adding one more new feature to its core product, i.e. 'Bulk Resume Parsing.' Through this new bulk parsing feature, recruiters can easily upload a zip file directly to parser resumes or JD's in bulk.

I asked him to take a demo with CandidateZip, a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. After receiving a visual demo, he could not believe how much easier a parser could make his life.

Unique Use Case Of CandidateZip Bulk Parsing

The vision of this feature is that recruiters can quickly parse candidate's resumes /JDs in bulk directly into CRM/ATS, which saves a lot of time for recruiters.

It also allows recruiters to extract candidate data in a few clicks.

Watch this short video to know more about this feature.

With CandidateZip, take your recruitment game to the next level. Signup with us to take a closer look at how exactly this all works.

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