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Boost Your Recruitment Strategy with Social Media During COVID-19

A modernized world has its perks, from a significantly better life to real superpowers of reaching out to the world within just a few clicks. Despite being technologically advanced, a sudden global pandemic Coronavirus has brought the whole world to a standstill.

If we talk about the recruiting process in this pandemic, everyone uses social media to find the top talent. It is revolutionizing the way businesses approach talent acquisition. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are now functioning as the channels from which recruiters can directly communicate with the candidates and build their relationship with them.

COVID-19 crisis means that recruiters have no better time to engage with the potential candidates on the social media platform. But how can recruiters take advantage of social media? Here I am sharing what some of the world’s most innovative talent brands are doing. Have a look.

1. Optimize Your Organization LinkedIn Page for Search: LinkedIn uses the text you write to create your account to help other audiences find you. Write a brief main message when your organization pages show up in the search. Keep in mind Google only shows the first few characters, so your message should be to the point and precise. Fill your company description with all the searchable keywords that your organization is already using in SEO.

2. Showcase Your Organization Culture: This will help potential candidates to know if the company culture is right for them to work. They might be curious to know whether the company culture and work ethics provide a healthy environment where their work will be valued. To showcase your companies’ culture, your current employees can play a pivotal role here. They can post a short video of fun activities and should like, share, comment on the company page freely. It’ll give potential candidates a chance to visit your social page and find the relevant job openings.

3. Build a Talent Pool: Using social media platforms empower yourself to build a diverse and multi-skilled talent pool. This will help you when hiring eventually returns to your plan; you will have a collection of passive talented candidates in your pool who are ready to engage. This will also speed up your recruitment process and will reduce the recruiting cost post-COVID-19. You can also run an email campaign that will raise awareness about you as an employer and encourage potential candidates to register their details when the vacancy becomes available. Recruiters can also use CandidateZip’s enrichment marketplace that helps them to enrich their candidates’ data by taking updated information from their social profiles.

Social media is the most effective and efficient tool if used wisely. This will also help recruiters to advertise on wider audiences. Make sure during this time of turmoil; you make the most of it.

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