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Can AI Help the Workplace Mental Health Crisis?

"Hi, How are you doing today?" 'What's going on in your world right now?" "How do you feel?" All these questions might seem like simple questions of a caring friend. But, in the present days, they can also be the start of a conversation.

Nowadays, the advancement of AI is bringing psychotherapy to more people who need it. I believe it is clear that AI for mental health could be a game-changer. Let's check out how this new technology is supporting the mental health of employees.

1. Automating Repetitive Tasks

With the help of new technology tools AI like chatbots and messaging interfaces used for customer service support, AI is gaining traction in today's workplace. Automating repetitive tasks such as screening candidates can easily be done with the help of CandidateZip. It helps HR professionals to extract data easily from their resumes. CandidateZip resume parser has unique features that help recruiters to save time on data entry so that they get sufficient time to perform other tasks. This will help them to reduce their work stress while recruiting.

2. Therapeutic AI Chatbots

Mental health chatbots offer cognitive insights and behavioral change based on cognitive-behavioral techniques. These chatbots assess the user's thoughts and mood by asking direct questions and re-evaluating their thought patterns. This will definitely help employees to release their stress and get few tips to overcome it.

3. AI Transforming the Environment

AI is also integrated into office design to improve workers' mental and physical health. Our workplaces' structure and design influence environmental conditions, such as exposure to natural light vs. artificial lightning, natural air, vegetation, etc., which affect mental health at work. Automated sensors built into the office space can assess all these points and help employees to feel fresh while working.

3 Benefits of Using AI to Help Solve the Mental Health Crisis of Employees

1. 24/7 access

Due to the busy schedule of mental health professionals, it can take months to get an appointment. With the help of AI tools, employees can book their meetings prior according to availability.

2. Chat With a Bot

Few people might feel comfortable talking to a bot which may be challenging to share with a therapist in person. These bots will help them to become comfortable disclosing their issues.

Through AI, a lot can be done to support the global workforce's mental health. I believe there are so many different ways that technology like AI can help organizations to have stress-free employees. We have to explore AI tools more.

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