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CandidateZip- A Lifeline For Recruiters

My mentor used to tell me this old saying and I am sure you all have heard this 'time is money,' and I believe for recruitment, this holds absolutely true. Time to hire is one of the crucial key performance indicators for the recruitment team.

HR professionals often find it challenging to hire the top talent for the organization due to inadequate resources. However, nowadays, with the help of new technology tools like CandidateZip, recruiters can shorten their recruiting process and save time.

CandidateZip is a Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Data Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters. It helps recruiters, staffing companies, startups, etc., save their time on data entry by quickly extracting resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM.

It automates the resume data extraction process and also helps the recruiters, staffing companies, startups, etc., in closing jobs quickly so that recruiters can invest their time in what they love to do.

Let me share a short story about how CandidateZip helped a staffing company to achieve its business goals.

Tina is one of the successful recruiters who managed her team single-handedly. She found it challenging to handle a big chunk of resumes to extract resume data. Buying a tool like a resume parser was not a wise decision as she could neither afford the cost nor had any technical knowledge to use it. But one of her close friends who was already a user suggested that she should try CandidateZip. Once the CandidateZip team helped her step through the whole process, it was easy for her to start parsing resumes. This entire process took a few minutes, whereas she had to spend days sorting out resumes manually. Thus, CandidateZip proved to be a helpful tool for Tina.

What makes this app unique?

One-Time Setup: With a one-time setup, there is no need to repeat the process every time you connect it with other apps. You have to follow the short and quick steps and enjoy parsing your resumes.

Code- Free: Imagine using an app that doesn’t involve any coding. There is absolutely no need to hire a programmer or a technical developer.

Ease of Integration: With CandidateZip, you can easily integrate with almost every application. Right now, integration can be done through Zapier and Workato.

Why Choose CandidateZip?

Time-Saving: Resumes will be parsed quickly which saves a lot of time for recruiters. Now no need to spend endless hours sorting out resumes and filtering the required information.

Fast Recruitment Process: As manual efforts are reduced, resume processing gets faster. This will close jobs quickly and complete the entire recruitment process in a go.

Quality Candidates: With resume data being extracted in designated fields, finding the perfect candidate for the organization becomes easy.

At CandidateZip, we reward the efforts of recruiters. As a token of thanks to recruiters, we are offering a 50% Discount on all plans till the end of April - Use Coupon: 'ThankstoRecruiters.' Grab the offer Right Now!

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