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CandidateZip Celebrates 3 Years of Innovation, Excellence, and Success

In August 2018, CandidateZip stepped into the field of HR Tech to help startups simplify their recruitment workflows.

CandidateZip feels immensely proud to be a part of the success journeys of many small and big organizations. Now we have 100+ customers in all geographic areas who all are using us.

If we look back from where we have started to where CandidateZip has reached, we can see that all our team members have put their hearts and souls into delivering what's expected from us.

We are a global provider of fast and easy hiring workflows for recruiters. With the help of our solution, recruiters can automate the process and quickly select the most relevant candidate which saves their time.

What We Offer?

Zapier allows its users to connect CandidateZip with 2000+ apps.

Service that helps users to create and automate workflows without any technical hassle.

CandidateZip API allows you to generate maximum revenue by offering it as an add-on to our users.

It allows you to extract data from incoming emails and can also extract specific data fields.

It allows you to have a one-to-one match between two sets, like one resume and one JD to match.

CandidateZip for Zoho Recruit lets you add candidates to Zoho Recruit Panel directly by adding resume files.

We would also like to thank our clients across the globe for allowing us to set up a foundation for their success. Our clients have been a continuous source of inspiration to all our dedicated and hard-working team members. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, CandidateZip has some special offers for its new users. Grab Your Offer now.

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