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CandidateZip Launches its API Integration Program

CandidateZip is a Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Data Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters, Staffing Companies, and Startups. It helps them to extract candidate's data from resumes/jobs into their ATS/CRM quickly. This saves their time on data entry so that they can do what they love to, i.e., closing more jobs.

With its perfect parsing tool, CandidateZip has recently announced its Resume/Job Parser API integration program for ATS/CRM, which is an amazing way to increase your revenue.

Wondering What is Unique About this Program?

A free of cost integration program, it allows you to generate maximum revenue by offering it as an add-on to your users. All the email and technical support for the end-users will be taken care of by CandidateZip only. Once the end-user starts using our product, the CRM/ATS can enjoy profitable revenue generation.

Interesting, isn't it?

Availing such an incredible idea to generate revenue without investing money is the perfect way to enhance your business growth.

Are You Interested to Know How This Program Works?

The irresistible point of this integration is that it doesn't involve any cost. Trust this API integration will bring unlimited opportunities for CRM/ATS. To avail of this opportunity, you have to do these three easy and simple steps:

a). Sign up at CandidateZip

b). Fill a short form to Apply for API integration program

c). And that's it. CRM/ATS is ready to integrate.

Hurry up! Right now, CandidateZip is providing limited API access to selected CRM/ATS. Quickly apply and get early access to API. By applying, you can get the details for this special offer and explore exclusive benefits through a simple integration with Candidatezip.

How Does a Resume Parser Enhance the Functionality of ATS/CRM?

With the help of AI plugins like resume parsing tools, recruiters can enhance their ATS/CRM functionality. This tool helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data into their ATS/CRM quickly.

Let's find out a few more benefits of using a parsing tool.

1.Better Efficiency: The parsing tool makes the entire process more

efficient by saving all resume/job data entries in ATS/CRM. It automates

workflow and simplifies the recruitment process.

2. Saves Time: It automatically parses resumes and creates an entry in the database quickly. There is no need to spend hours sorting out resumes and filtering the required information from them. It will eliminate manual intervention and increase productivity.

3. Provide Excellent Candidate Experience: Using resume parser on your application form will improve your user experience. It will provide autofill forms for more registrations with less bounce rate.

Adopting technology is the perfect solution for getting profitable and remarkable results.

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