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COVID-19- An Opportunity for Smart Recruiters

The impact of novel coronavirus is being felt around the world. The number of confirmed cases keeps going up every day, and no one knows when this will stop. This pandemic has disrupted lives, as everyone is instructed to stay at home unless it is essential to go outside. I am wondering what this means for the recruitment industry.

Many employers are pausing their recruiting plans until the situation resolves. On the other hand, some industries, like health care and logistics, are facing a sudden need for new employees. Let’s read this blog and discover the whole new set of recruiting challenges caused by the pandemic and expert advice to turn down them into opportunities.

1. Digitize Your Recruitment Process: Coronavirus outbreak has completely changed the living and working culture. Every organization is working from home- remotely. Recruiters and the HR professionals, who want to survive in this crisis, must adapt digitalization in their work and that too quickly. In such a situation, automation is the solution to many challenges. Recruiters can use a resume parser tool to extract candidate information from resumes and save it in your existing ATS/CRM quickly. With such AI tools, recruiters can change this challenge into an opportunity to completely digitalize their recruiting process and update it with some advanced hiring practices.

2. Effective and Efficient Video Interviewing: Video Interviewing is the most effective way to conduct interviews keeping the current situation in mind. Developing a consistent and standardized video interview process helps recruiters to reduce the unconscious hiring biases. Recruiters can schedule the interview according to mutual discussions, and even record this interview for further discussions. Video interviewing reduces the hiring costs dramatically, as it helps to save efforts that would otherwise be spent on face-to-face interviews.

3. Build Talent Community: Trust this situation will start to normalize by or after summer. But how can we prepare for that? Encourage yourself to start building your talent community. Using recruitment tactics, such as paid ads, social media channels, and referral programs to attract passive candidates to join your community. As people are staying at home, recruiters can get their attention with cleverly targeted advertisements and ask them to join their community.

A sudden appearance of COVID-19 and its rapid spread all over the world is causing huge changes. On the other side, HR professionals and recruiters who succeed in viewing this crisis as an opportunity will come out of it as winners.

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