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PAUSE! It’s Time to Generate Relevant Leads

Whether you are a real-estate agent, a financial planner or an insurance agent, you aim at making profits by generating leads. However, the result depends upon the quality and relevancy of leads. But a large amount of data only adds confusion to the lead generation professional.

Are you looking for a software which can simplify your lead generation process?

If yes, continue reading!

Resumes are one of the best sources which can provide excellent leads to professionals. There are many expensive resume parsing software available in the market. But for lead generation, you need a low-cost solution which is easy-to-use. Usually, financial planners or insurance agents are not well-versed with technicalities of a software. With no technical know-how, they hesitate to use a parsing solution. We understand this challenge faced by professionals and offer a no code integration resume parsing software to fulfill your needs.

You read that right! CandidateZip is such a solution which can easily fit into budget. It has given a new dimension to resume parsing.

Have you ever thought of a parser which works without coding? Even a layman can use it with ease. Just keep on clicking and you won’t even know when you have parsed your resumes. Data is extracted from resumes to streamline the lead generation process. For an effective lead, you need data about income, job profile, location etc. This data is offered by our parser by processing resumes from sources and saving the same in your ATS/CRM. At present, the software connects with 1000+ sources and 4000+ ATS/CRM. It eliminates the need to invest in a new applicant tracking system for storing the parsed data.

How It Works?

Simply follow these steps and parse resumes:

  1. Sign up on

  2. Use Zapier to create a Zap or Workato for a recipe.

  3. Parse resumes

Steve and Mark are insurance agents who sell insurance policies. Both wanted to generate quality prospects. Steve used CandidateZip to get relevant prospects whereas Mark chose traditional method of gathering data from various sources. Steve was able to close deals quickly by getting right information about prospects. However, the data which Mark received was full of irrelevant and incomplete contacts. He could not find right customers and as a result, he was left behind in the competition and had a failed business.

Nobody wants to be like Mark.

Don’t lose time. Start using this amazing software and get instant results.

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