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Hire the Best with the Best Recruiting Solution!

Recruiters often find themselves in a challenging situation of hiring the best candidate for their organization. A small organization usually has a drawback of not having adequate resources to fetch quality talent. However, a resume parser plug-in is a saving grace for recruiters when it is about hiring the best in the industry. It filters candidate data from resumes and saves the information in data fields.

But small-scale staffing agencies or recruiters feel reluctant to buy a parser as it involves a huge investment and requires technical knowledge. An easy solution is available which suits the requirements of small companies.

We would like to share a small story about Steve who owns a staffing company. As he managed the company single-handedly, he was finding it difficult to manage a big chunk of resumes to sort out quality candidates. Buying a resume parsing solution was not a wise decision as he could neither afford the cost nor he had any technical knowledge to use it. One of his friends suggested him to try CandidateZip. The reason being this tool is inexpensive and can be used even by a layman. Steve was a bit skeptical before using CandidateZip but when he read the ‘How-to-use’ steps, there was no looking back. He found it so easy and quick that he started parsing resumes by creating a Zap on Zapier. This whole process took a few minutes whereas he had to spend days sorting out resumes manually. Thus, CandidateZip proved to be a useful tool for Steve.

All About CandidateZip

  • It extracts candidate information from resumes and stores the same in your existing ATS/CRM.

  • No coding is required while using this tool.

  • It supports 4000+ ATS/CRM such as Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, Bullhorn, Zoho Recruit etc.

  • It works with integration marketplaces such as Zapier and Workato.

  • Create a Zap on Zapier or a recipe on Workato to start parsing resumes.

  • No technical knowledge required.

  • One-time quick set-up.


  • Move resumes to CRM/ATS instead of email/desktop

  • Low cost to start with for small usage

  • Easy to change flow

  • Easy to use

If you are a recruiter, it is time that you include automation in your work operations and make your life simpler.

Sign up now to explore the potential of this tool.

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