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4 Hiring Tips for Startups

To start a project, you need a reliable and dedicated team. Creating a big team is not a choice for a startup because of a limited budget, less experience, and knowledge. Thus, startup owners need to be very choosy while hiring staff. Recruiting for a business which has just started is tough and challenging.

Here are a few tips for startups which can help them in hiring the right fit.

  • Technology is the Key

Recruiters are adopting artificial intelligence and automation to speed up the recruitment process. Going through numerous resumes single-handedly is a difficult task. Taking help of technology can simplify resume screening and reduce the workload of recruiters. Choose a resume parsing tool which extracts details of candidates from their resumes and stores the information in your ATS/CRM already in use.

Startups usually are in a dilemma while choosing to invest in a parser because of the technicalities involved. You can use a resume parser which requires no-code integration and a one-time setup. Even a layman can use this software, eliminating the need to appoint a technical professional.

  • Candidate Experience

Providing a positive experience to candidates is not just the responsibility of large enterprises. It is a part of every recruiter’s job. Pay attention to the queries of candidates and respond in time. Make sure you provide them regular feedback on the interview process. Email communication plays a vital role in delivering this experience. Notify them whether they are selected or not in an interview. This will build trust among the candidates.

  • Job Descriptions Are Important

We usually do not focus much on creating job descriptions. But we forget this is how we are pitching candidates for a job position. Write clear job descriptions. Let them know what are your expectations out of a specific role. This will attract more candidates who will eventually help in closing jobs quickly.

  • Go Mobile

It is a common trend that candidates use smartphones to search and apply for a job. Thus, it is crucial to optimize your website for mobile. Make it easy for the candidates to apply for a post through their mobile phones. Send text messages or whatsapp messages for communicating with the candidates.

There is no dearth of solutions when it comes to hiring the right fit with a few resources and less budget. But making use of the tips mentioned above will surely simplify the process.

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