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Tips to Hire the Right Fit During COVID-19

The healthcare staffing market is likely to grow at a significant pace globally. We all know that when we were about to enter 2020, China had its first case of coronavirus on December 31, 2019. What should be our response to this epidemic, which is affecting the world? COVID-19 is leaving a significant impact on the economy and also the recruitment industry.

How should you handle these challenges and priorities ahead of you, when all the latest updates, news are impacting the industry? Where should you focus your attention and your resources? Let's pinpoint the topmost prominent trends shaping the healthcare recruitment sector.

1. The Efficiency of Technology: Technology is playing a critical role in

healthcare. Technology solutions are looking into the workflows to streamline the recruitment process. The healthcare industry can use technology to generate a desirable result. Even in the emergency period, like the COVID-19 outbreak, automation will manage your recruitment process. Various automation tools like resume parser help to simplify the resume/job data extraction process. Resume parser is one of the magical tools that automate resumes/job data extraction and saves the data into your ATS/CRM quickly. It helps in saving time in data entry, which can be invested in other activities.

2. Use the Power of Social Media: Now, recruiters can reach out to maximum prospects through social media. One of the most expert and reachable platforms in this digital world is Social Media. You can easily connect with your potential candidates, engage them, and can start an interaction. The best aspect of social media is that it does not require much investment and delivers maximum results with minimum efforts. Experts can use automatic scheduling of messages through this platform. Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook,, etc. are like an applicant directory for the recruiters from where recruiters can find a potential candidate. Healthcare recruiters can view applicants' work history and education history as well.

3. Amazing Employer Branding: Nowadays, we all know that the market is affected by COVID-19, which is affecting the overall market of recruitment. Employer branding is the only key to attract the perfect candidate for the organization. At this high time, having an exceptional employer brand will receive more qualified applicants and reduce the cost of hiring. Establishing the brand value of the organization is one of the most powerful recruitment tools which helps in building a dynamic workforce in such a time.

COVID-19 is a global issue that is affecting the recruitment industry. Take the right steps to get the right results.

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