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Need to Stay Ahead? Say Yes to Automation.

Human Resource is involved in every step of the employee lifecycle. The HR department is often responsible for the management and administration of several tasks. There is always a scope of improvement to survive in this era of competition. That's the reason why many organizations are adopting the process of automation. And it is also one of the key strategies to stay ahead of this curve.

Don't you feel that being a recruiter, you need to work hard to get the perfect candidate for the organization? I think your answer is yes. I can understand finding a dozen hires in a single day requires a variety of processes with no room of error. With the upcoming technology, recruiters can speed up their recruitment process. Some people have a question regarding how automation helps recruiters in their recruitment process. Let's take a closer look and find it out through my blog.

1. Fast Recruitment Process: We all are aware that in the traditional recruitment process, recruitment was a hard task for recruiters. But now, with the new technology such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it is easy to connect with the applicants. Manual screening of resumes is a tiresome task for recruiters. Adopting automation is the solution for this. There are many resume parsing tools such as CandidateZip, which help recruiters to automate the data extraction process from resumes/jobs. This tool extracts resume/job data into their ATS/CRM quickly. Recruiters can save their time on data entry so that they can do what they love to (close more jobs). They can easily set up this automated extraction process in three easy steps.

2. Improves Productivity: Automation empowers recruiters to work efficiently and helps them to make better decisions at a faster pace. It helps in setting the goals and competition of projects within the timelines. HR professionals spend a significant time of their working hours looking into spreadsheets, payroll calculations, files, and emails; this affects their productivity. But with the introduction of the automation process, HR professionals can improve their productivity.

3. Advancement in Communication Channels: Another important impact of automation is that it provides a perfect channel for recruiters to communicate with their potential candidates. How many times can you count on your fingers when you have miscommunicated with the candidate? I guess it's hard even to recall. But with technology, recruiters can save a lot of time by bringing the right process. Through automated communication, there will be less room for human error. Chatbots are a perfect example to understand this point. A chatbot is a handy virtual assistant who never goes home. An intelligently programmed chatbot makes recruiters' life easy and comfortable. The 24*7 availability of chatbot solves queries of 'n' number of applicants. This helps recruiters to speed up the recruitment process and improve the communication channel.

These are the few significant benefits of using automation in HR. Above all, automating the HR department means a simplified process, which improves the recruitment process and saves time for recruiters.

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