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Ready to Build Your Team of Remote Employees?

Finding and recruiting the perfect candidate for any open position is difficult. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has moved jobs to home offices, organizations are looking at remote teams with new eyes and considering how this change affects their working strategies.

Many organizations were already in the habit of hiring their teams remotely even before the pandemic. Let’s find out how we can redesign our hiring process to recruit, hire remote employees and motivate them to achieve remarkable results for the upcoming years.

1. Build a Strong Employer Brand Online

A strong employer brand name online will help recruiters to attract and retain qualified employees. When you are hiring remotely, it isn't easy to build the trust of candidates. Applicants have to rely on your digital presence to learn about your organization. To do so, you must make sure your online presence is remarkable, shows you are trustworthy, and clearly illustrates your values & culture that helps applicants visualize themselves as members of your team. Start including a short video of your current employees on your career page so that candidates can know more about your working culture.

2. Decide for What Type of Remote Situation You are Hiring for

The first important thing you must ask yourself is whether your team will be fully remote or part-time, work from different offices, and have flexible working hours. If your organization does not have such policies, then start thinking about it now. Based on your decisions, you can even include whether a candidate has previous working experience or not. If you are building a remote team from scratch, hire people with remote experience first may be a good idea.

3. Choose Your Tech Stack

Start using automation in your process. Make sure your team is productive no matter what location your employees are working from. Choose the best application to make their job easier. Recruiters can use CandidateZip in their hiring process. It helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data quickly into their ATS/CRM.

Remote workers can infuse your organization with innovative thinking and new energy. They can also lighten your workload and expand your reach. Armed with these tips, you are ready to find your new team members.

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