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Easy-to-Use Resume Parsing Tool for Recruiters/Lead Generators

No code resume parsing tool

Worried about making your small business successful?

We understand managing a business on your own is not an easy task. Handling all activities single-handedly is also overwhelming. Getting quality candidates, leads or prospects is crucial for growing the business. In fact, a small business owner directs all efforts towards achieving this target. But ensuring best results consumes a lot of time and efforts. This is where technology fits in.

That’s right! Adopting technology and its tools is the right solution for getting quick and desired results. A resume parsing tool will end up all your worries and ensure maximum productivity. However, small business owners do not want to invest in this tool because they have a limited budget and do not have any technical knowledge. Also, hiring a technical professional just for using this tool is not advisable.

CandidateZip is an excellent example of a resume parsing tool which fits the needs of small businesses. It extracts resume information and saves the same in the ATS/CRM you use.

Who Can Use CandidateZip?

Real-estate agents

CandidateZip is an easy-to-use resume parsing tool for real estate agents to generate leads. It helps in filtering relevant customer data and pushing the same into existing ATS/CRM. There is no need for technical support as the tool works without any coding. If you are looking at eliminating manual efforts to get more leads and save time, then start using this excellent solution.

Financial advisors and insurance agents

Financial advisors and insurance agents need new prospects to increase their sales. Going through a long list of prospects to find out relevant ones is time-consuming and mentally tiring. Using CandidateZip can make this process easier by identifying the right leads through filtered data. A quick one-time setup is required to start using this tool which is free from technical hassles.


CandidateZip helps recruiters in finding the right candidate suitable for a specific job position. It happens with a click by processing resumes from various sources such as GDrive, Dropbox, Gmail, filtering the data and pushing the same into existing ATS/CRM. The best aspect of this tool is that it integrates with 300+ ATS/CRM.

Are you one of them? If yes, don’t waste your time thinking about the solutions. Sign up now.

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