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Resume Parsing without coding- An amazing opportunity for small businesses!

Large enterprises have the need of using a resume parser as they receive numerous resumes in a day. We usually feel that small businesses do not need such a solution. But this is just a misconception. They also need a quick solution for sorting out resumes as they have a limited manpower to work on recruitment process. But because of less budget, it becomes difficult for them to afford expensive parsing solutions.

How about using a resume parsing tool which doesn’t have any requirement of coding or IT setup? Surprised! Yes, now you do not need to worry about hiring a programmer or technical team to use a software solution. An easy-to-use parser is here to end your worries for finding the right candidate.

CandidateZip is an amazing solution which can be used even by a layman.

Why do you need a resume parser?

A parser will not only accelerate your recruitment process but also save manual efforts and time invested in finding the right fit.

See what statistics have to say:

An employer spends 15 minutes reviewing a job application

A job seeker spends 3-4 hours for submitting a job application

60% of job seekers have had a poor candidate experience while applying for jobs

This makes it important for businesses to use a parser to deal with these challenges.

What is CandidateZip and what it does?

It is time that you start feeling free from technical hassles. Using this solution will make your life simpler. It processes resumes from sources such as Dropbox, Gmail, GDrive and stores data into any ATS/CRM. As of now, you can enjoy its association with 4000+ ATS/CRM such as Salesforce, Google Spreadsheets, Bullhorn, Zoho recruit etc.

There are two important elements required to speed up the recruitment process:

  1. Extracting data from resumes

  2. Maintaining candidate database

This app fulfills both these requirements with a click.


How does an effective resume parsing solution benefit small organization? Here are a few advantages:

Quick Recruitment Process

With a reduction in manual efforts, recruiter will be able to find relevant candidates in no time and close jobs faster. This will complete the hiring process quickly and result in overall growth of the company.

Saves Time

When recruitment process is completed before the anticipated period, a lot of your time is saved. You can utilize this time in other business activities to generate more results and increase your productivity.

Quality Candidates

It becomes easy to shortlist candidates when you have data available in various fields. This lets you hire candidates who are fit for the job position resulting in quality talent acquisition.

Parsing in Real-time

A good parser takes less than a second to parse a resume. Thus, parsing a big number of resumes does not take much time. This results in better productivity.

What are you waiting for? If you are a startup, recruiter, financial advisor, lead generation company or a real-estate agent, look for a parser which requires one-time setup and has the above-mentioned features.

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