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Stay Connected During Uncertain Times

Over the past few months, organizations around the world are facing unprecedented challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While few organizations have temporarily halted their business, some have laid off its employees, and others are looking to hire new candidates to meet the rising demand for its goods or services. Due to this pandemic, the economy has disrupted, but many of us are still working from home and trying to keep the flow of prosperity.

For recruiters and HR managers, this newly formed virtual working environment is bringing up new challenging questions:

a) How can you extract resume data quickly with limited resources at work?

b) How can you find and attract top talent when you are not able to meet candidates in person?

c) How can you quickly shift your recruitment strategies in line with the organization’s priorities for the new normal?

I am sharing a few key insights that can help recruiters to build their talent pools and strengthen their teams through this crucial time.

1. Expand Talent Pool:

Imagine if you have a reserve of highly qualified candidates interested to work for your organization every time you have a new job opening. The only thing you have to do is pick up the perfect one among them! Sounds great, right? Building a talent pool will skip all the hard work like:

a) You would not have to create a compelling job posting from your job description.

b) We would not have to design exclusive marketing campaigns to promote your openings.

c) It can save your time spent on a mass of unqualified candidates.

Therefore, you should build a qualified Talent Pool. With this talent pool, recruiters can hire better candidates faster and cheaper.

2. Effective Video Conferencing:

This is the most effective way to conduct the interview. It will even save recruiters’ time by creating efficiency in the recruitment process. Through video conferencing, recruiters can judge a candidate through their body posture, gesture, etc. Even they can record this interview for further discussion on the selection of candidates. Video conferencing is the perfect way to screen out the candidates more thoroughly and hire more outstanding employees.

3. Stay Productive with Automation:

The recruitment process has long and repetitive tasks for finding the best candidates. Here automation is the perfect solution to many challenges. Automation help recruiters to screen out candidates through screening tools to generate the desired results. For example, a resume parser helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs data extraction into their ATS/CRM quickly. This tool also allows recruiters to enrich their data by taking updated information from their social profiles. Recruiters can easily set up this automated extraction process in three easy steps and save time on data entry so that they can close more jobs.

The circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are changing rapidly, and no one can predict how long the pandemic will continue. Help each other in this challenging time so that no one feels isolated. Stay home. Stay safe.

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