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Tapping Talent in 2020

Over the last decade, recruitment is changing. Recruitment is now out of the dark ages and has truly embraced the new era of technology. Technology is empowering new recruiters who are tech-savvy and supercharged in their ability to surface the perfect candidate for the organization.

The new hiring process is moving away from paperwork and heading towards automation with the latest trends of recruiting. So, with all these new exciting changes happening in the world of recruitment,

Let's have a look at the most effective recruitment trends of 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence: 2020 will be a vital year of AI. Through automation, AI has given solution to many challenges. Screening of multiple resumes manually is a hard task, but with the help of a recruiting tool, you can fasten the entire process. CandidateZip is a resume parser, which helps recruiters to extract data from resumes/jobs into their ATS/CRM quickly. Recruiters can easily set up the automated extraction process in three easy steps. It helps them in saving their time on data entry so that they can do what they love to do. Such a smart tool allows recruiters to shortlist the perfect candidate in a few clicks. Thus, AI helps you in streamlining your recruitment process for finding the ideal candidate.

2. Social Media Recruiting: Social media recruiting has reached the point now where HR professionals can proactively do recruitment marketing business across all industries. This platform is only used for marketing but is also a medium for sourcing and hiring of new talents. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook,, etc. are like a directory to find a perfect candidate. Recruiters can view applicants' work history and education history as well.

3. Freelancing: Over the last few years, the emerging gig economy is changing the way people look at work. With the gig economy, trends are also transforming the way recruiters work. As a result, we all have seen the growing use of the freelance platform. It's no longer enough to post your opening on a few job boards and start getting applicants. To recruit the top talent recruiters, you need to source passive candidates proactively, and for this, you need sources and recruiters. Being a small business freelancing recruitment service can help recruiters to search for quality hires at the cost that is well within their hiring budget.

The face of recruitment marketing is shifting every day. Some established techniques still hold up with a few adaptions to keep up with emerging trends. Optimizing these trends can help you to streamline your existing recruitment process.

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