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The Future Trends of Startups in 2021

It might be strange to make predictions about 2021. Despite rocky times in 2020, the tech industry is still paving the way to the future. We all have witnessed how the world's working environments have changed this year. Rain or shine, tech start-ups are moving forward with their innovative ideas and planning. With the use of AI powers in their process, it is clear that tech start-ups can rule the market when it comes to serving fresh new products.

Due to pandemic, most of the workforce has shifted to the work-from-home setup. Some of the organizations are still finding it difficult to stay ahead, while few have seen a boom in demand for their services. To survive in this current state, it is important to speed with the new changes. So let's discover which trends will be most helpful for the tech start-up to have remarkable results in recruitment.

1. Introduce Cloud Working: Cloud is not a new word in technology. It has acquired a powerful hold in the industry now. Many HR industries have started using SaaS. Cloud-based tools have simplified employees' processes and allow HR professionals to move a step ahead from the traditional working style. These systems have proved their efficiency in many organizations to attain productive results.

2. Use AI Technology: Undoubtedly, AI has been a buzzword in the tech industry and will continue in 2021. During the pandemic, the technology tools have taken away the burden of recruiters going through numerous resumes and shortlisting candidates. This saves the time and effort of the organization and increases productivity. You can use a resume parser, an effective tool that extracts candidate information from resumes and saves it in data fields. Chatbots are another form of AI which talks to candidates on behalf of recruiters to solve their queries on the spot. They answer candidates' queries, ask them questions to screen for an interview.

3. A New Aspect of Interview: Pandemic has taught organizations that we can achieve efficiency, productivity even with restrictions and working from home. Before the pandemic, employers used to hesitate about allowing employees to work remotely. This has brought a new trend in the recruitment world as well. Traditional interviews were boring and old-school, but they are still effective for hiring managers. Or we can say that's the only way how hiring managers recruit candidates. However, interviews have reinvented after the pandemic hit the world. You cannot assess the soft skills of candidates and remove the bias element. But now there are new tools available in the market which can fix these issues. Video interviews, virtual reality assessments, soft skills assessments, and job auditions are techniques that can be considered the new face of interviews. These methods ensure that candidates also get an amazing experience during interviews.

Human resource is the field which keeps on changing every year. I believe these new trends will bring lots of positivity. Thus, keeping yourself abreast of these latest recruiting trends should be our priority.

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