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Top 3 Reasons to Leverage AI in Small Business

The Human Resource industry is changing quickly with digital transformation. With the changing ideas of working independently like the gig economy, outsourcing services indicate HR professionals to bring a shift in the hiring, training and managing the talent.

Industries are innovating their working style. SMB's have realized that this is the high time to bring artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics to address the organization's HR needs.

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. I have collected a few top benefits of AI in recruiting; let's have a look.

1. Screening of Candidates: Screening multiple resumes single-handedly is a tiresome task. It will not generate a remarkable result unless a tool is used to fasten the process. A resume parser will be a perfect solution for this. This tool extracts information from resumes and saves the same in ATS/CRM quickly. Small business owners feel hesitant to use a resume parser due to the huge investment involved in it. CandidateZip will be a great help to recruiters to solve this challenge. It is a resume parser plugin that runs without coding and fits into the budget.

2. Improve Quality of Candidates: Adding artificial intelligence in your recruitment process can help recruiters to improve the quality of applicants in several ways, with the help of AI tools, e.g., Textio. It allows recruiters to write a clear, descriptive job description that can help to explain what exactly professionals are looking for in applicants. Through AI, recruiters can also take help in advertising their JD. AI can target individuals based on demographic and behavioral variables. In other words, AI helps recruiters to convey the right message to the right people at the right time.

3. Save Time to Hire: Recruiters need to fill job positions as quickly as possible with cost-efficient possibilities. Here automation can help recruiters. CandidateZip resume parser helps recruiters parse candidates' resumes quickly, saving a lot of time on sorting out resumes and filtering the required information from them. That leads to high productivity and efficiency. This will also reduce manual efforts, and resume processing will get faster. Recruiters can close jobs quickly and complete the entire recruitment process in a go.

With smart technology in place, HR managers and recruiters can make recruitment more systemized. The truth behind including AI in the recruitment process is to strengthen professionals' assets to compete with big players.

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