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6 Must-Have HR Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

Presently, we cannot think of living without technology. Small businesses have started relying on the same to increase their performance. Small business owners are always overburdened with tasks as they have to complete them single-handedly. This is where technology comes to their rescue.

Read this article to know about the latest HR technology tools for small businesses. While you must be familiar with a few, there are many new additions which you would like to explore.

1.Resume Parser

Whether you are a startup, a recruiter or a financial planner, you need quality candidates or leads to grow your business. A resume parser helps you in achieving this objective by extracting candidate/lead information for resumes and saving it in your ATS/CRM. Small businesses look for a solution which costs them less and does not require a further investment. Also, always choose a software with no-code integration. Most of the small business owners have limited technical knowledge. Thus, buying a low-cost resume parser, which is free from coding, is advisable.

2. Mobile Revolution

With mobile phones gaining popularity, it has become mandatory for small businesses to make their website mobile-friendly. Mobile apps are an effective method of getting quality leads or hiring recruits.

3. Cloud is Everywhere

Ever since the invention of Cloud, there is no looking back. Small businesses are adopting cloud-based solutions as they provide better efficiency, scalability, security than other on-premise counterparts.

4. Chatbots

An effective customer service is the key to generate more business. Chatbots have replaced humans and handle customer service independently. Their role includes screening candidates, informing them about job profile and handling their queries. Using chatbots save time resulting in more productivity.

5. Security is a Concern

It is crucial to protect sensitive information of your business. Small businesses find cyber security a challenge. This can be solved by adopting a holistic approach with end-to-end solutions. You need these solutions to secure data, apps and infrastructure.

6. Marketing Automation

Marketing activities can be streamlined with the help of marketing automation software. This eliminates the need of appointing marketing professionals. You can easily set up processes and score leads with this software.

As a small business owner, you must adopt the above-mentioned technology solutions or tools to enhance your business growth. In the coming time, it will get difficult to survive without technology.

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