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HR Tech Conference 2018 Snapshot

On September 14, we saw the HR Tech Conference end with full fervor. It is the world’s largest HR tech expo which gives a glimpse of what’s happening inside the HR tech world.

The event witnessed a huge rush of attendees from across the globe. Most of them were HR executives, HR generalists, software vendors, and HR system leaders. The 4-day event was a perfect place to meet and interact with those who know the best in the industry.

Here are the highlights of the event:

  • There were 100+ product announcements.

  • 400+ exhibitors showcased their products at their booth.

  • 20+ HR tech software providers gave product demos.

  • Numerous presentations and discussions on a wide range of current topics were a part of the event. These discussions provided a platform to listen to the valuable thoughts of industry leaders.

The best part about the conference was the startup pavilion. We saw many emerging HR technology companies participating in the event as a startup.

CandidateZip exhibited in the event for the first time and had set up a booth in the startup pavilion. We are glad that we received a fantastic response. Many attendees came to inquire about our product and were fascinated by the fact that a resume parser can be used without coding.

We educated our clients by informing that with CandidateZip, they can extract resume data and save it in any ATS/CRM. As it can be used even by a layman, it was widely accepted at the event. Also, the flexibility of using this plugin without the need of hiring technical staff was a unique feature loved by the audience.

Many curious visitors were concerned about how it worked and inquired about the process. It was a surprising fact for them that they can start parsing resumes by simply creating a zap on Zapier or a recipe on Workato.

Overall, it was indeed a learning experience. Interaction with attendees as well as fellow startup companies gave us an excellent platform to market our product.

Let’s see what HR tech has in store for us next year. Eagerly waiting!

Were you also a part of the HR tech conference? Share your experience with us.

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