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5 Best Recruitment Software and Plug Ins of 2019

In today’s world, technology has integrated into every aspect of our lives. It is playing a significant role in the process of our goal achievement as well. The changing world of technology has taken over everything right from delivering food to keeping track of our social status. The recruitment process is not untouched by technology either. There is no denying in it that the recruitment process is time-consuming. Recruiters often face resume overload, screening of resumes manually, etc. which is overall a complicated process. To simplify this process, recruiters should pay attention to the benefits of using recruiting software, which enhances their recruitment process.

As digitization takes place, the recruitment software market is booming. Due to the presence of an “n” number of recruiting software, recruiters must use the best recruitment software. This blog will help you to decide on choosing the best simple and perfect recruitment software for 2019.

The list of best recruitment software 2019 for SMB:

Bamboo Hr has easy onboarding tools and has a complete suite of an HR software product that helps you to manage your employees. It provides amazing reporting capabilities, including equal employment opportunity and benefits reports.

This is an Applicant Tracking System that allows you to create and distribute job posting and track applicants from submission to hire. Jazz HR has a relatively low-cost subscription and is a great fit for Small Business.

It is a Global Leader of Simplified Resume/Job Extraction into ATS/CRM for Recruiters. This is the best online coding-free resume/CV parser that helps to extracts data from resumes quickly and easily. It has sufficiently rich recruitment software features designed to serve SMEs and provides an end-to-end solution designed for a web app.


Builds a modern communication software ‘Chatbot’ that helps recruiters to hire the perfect candidate with more efficiency. This tool allows recruiters to reduce the time consumption done by HR professionals in resolving the queries of candidates. It assists recruiters in recruitment by using state-of-art-AI to streamline the hiring process.

This is a talent acquisition platform with an applicant tracking system used by more than 3000 companies. Recruitee is one of the powerful recruitment software that makes hiring easy and offers a simple overview of the hiring pipeline.

With the use of the right recruiting strategies, it is also essential to use the right recruiting tool. Adopting these recruiting tools will simplify your hiring process. It will make recruitment easier and more effective.

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