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5 Amazing Reasons to Choose CandidateZip

Streamlining the resume data extraction process is a tiresome task for every recruiter. Imagine what will happen if recruiters find the perfect tool to have an automated resume data extraction process.

With the use of technology, recruiters can now automate and streamline their resume data extraction process by adopting a perfect tool, such as CandidateZip. It is a resume parser that helps recruiters to extract data from resumes/jobs into their ATS/CRM.

CandidateZip is a global leader that simplifies resumes/jobs data extraction into their ATS/CRM. Its unique features help recruiters to save time on data entry so that they get sufficient time to perform other tasks.

What CandidateZip Does?

CandidateZip extracts resumes/jobs data into your ATS/CRM directly. Recruiters can easily setup this automated extraction process in three easy steps. This will save recruiters time on data entry so that they can do what they love to (close more job).

a) The first step of CandidateZip is to collect the resumes from various sources available.

b) Secondly, after obtaining the information, the parser extracts the data from the resumes and processes it efficiently.

c) The third step is to store data into their CRM/ATS. CandidateZip's simple setup is a process free from coding for the parsing of resumes and the filtration of data.

Here I am sharing a few reasons to choose CandidateZip to simplify the resume/job data extraction process.

1. One-time Integration:

With CZ's one-time quick setup, there is no need to repeat the process. Follow the three easy, simple steps, and enjoy resume parsing.

2. Automatic Resume Data Extraction:

With its three-step CPP process, you can easily set up this automation for data extraction, and recruiters can save time. As a result, it will fasten your recruitment process.

3. Connect Directly to ATS/CRM:

Recruiters can easily save candidates' data into their ATS/CRM directly. This will help recruiters to save time on data entry.

4. Enrich your Data:

CandidateZip offers the Enrichment marketplace that helps recruiters to enrich candidates' data by taking updated information from their social profiles.

5. Coding Free:

CandidatZip is a user-friendly app that even can be used by a layman. There is no need to hire a programmer or a technical developer. Also, it says goodbye to handling technical hassles as your workflow will get automated in no time.

Would You Like to See Who Can Avail CandidateZip's Exclusive Services?

CandidateZip helps staffing companies, recruiting firms, and IT services to automate their recruitment process by simplifying the extraction of data from any source into their ATS/CRM quickly.

CandidateZip makes your recruitment easy, efficient, and effective. Using CandidateZip will save your precious time by letting technology handle the routine work so that recruiters can focus more on completing their other tasks.

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