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A Quick Recruitment Plan for Small Businesses

As a recruiter or a small business owner, your priority is filling up a job position as quickly as possible. But in this process, you want to ensure that you hire the right talent. We believe that it is the interview in which one can decide whether a candidate possesses the right skills and qualifications. However, the reality is that the process of choosing a candidate begins a long time before the interview.

Your recruitment is successful if you start shortlisting the relevant candidates from the first step.

Let’s talk about the five simple steps which are perfect for a small business for hiring candidates.

1. A Clear Job Description Does Wonder

You will attract the right candidates if your job description is clear. Be precise and to-the-point when you talk about roles, responsibilities, working hours, qualifications, etc. Make sure you write a job title which is easy to understand. Candidates cannot relate themselves to titles they have never heard of. Also, include a sentence describing why a candidate should work in your company.

2. Promote Your Job Description Effectively

A clear job description won’t serve any purpose until it is promoted well. Use recruitment tools to attract candidates. These can be:

  • Job Boards

  • Social Media

  • Your website’s career page

  • Staffing agencies

3. Shortlist by Using a Resume Parser

Once candidates start applying at your job post, managing their resumes seems to be a herculean task. Small business owners usually hesitate to buy a parser as it involves a lot of investment and is technical to use. Choose a no coding resume parser to simplify your recruitment process. This means that you can use this plugin without the need of technical staff. It will extract the resume data and save the information in your ATS/CRM.

4. Conduct a Smart Interview

You can judge candidates well in an interview. There are different types of interviews which can help you assess various aspects of a candidate’s personality.

  • Ask them behavioral questions to predict their future behavior.

  • Conduct structured interviews where you create questions before the interview.

  • Ask situational questions to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates.

5. Give a Job Offer

This is the final step in the recruitment process. Once a candidate is selected, offer the job through written communication.

Are you following these steps mentioned above to enhance your recruitment process? If not, act today! Click here to know more.

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