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Box to Hubspot CRM: How to integrate Hubspot CRM with Box for resume/job data transfer?

Today’s business world is changing dynamically due to emergence of innovative technologies. Much likely, CRM integration with source and getting desired output helps to scale out businesses. If you are running a recruitment agency, staffing company or an enterprise and aiming to build a robust solution for secure data transfer to any CRM, choosing right parsing tool might be a challenging task.

The choice of CRM platform and the source of data depends on the organization, but automated migration always helps in swift data transfer. The SaaS-based CandidateZip’s resume parser requires no technical background to handle desired output result. It offers easiest and fastest way to transfer data from Box to Hubspot CRM.

  • Sign up with CandidateZip

Box to Hubspot CRM data transfer
  • ​Subscribe for desired plan

Box to hubspot data transfer
  • Go to CandidateZip app on Zapier

Upload resumes to Hubspot CRM
  • Signup for your Zapier account

  • Choose Box as your trigger app, create an account and authorize it

Resume parser Box to Hubspot
  • Create your zap and select Box as your source of data

upload resumes to Hubspot CRM from Box
  • Set up Box file

Parse resumes quickly to Hubspot from Box
  • Test your Zap

Online resume parser tool to parse data into leads
  • Choose CandidateZip as your action app

Upload data from Box to Hubspot CRM
  • Choose your plan

Online resume parser tool
  • Set up files in CandidateZip

Resume parsing at free of cost
  • Test your Zap

Parse resumes easily to any CRM, Excel, Database
  • Choose your action app and signup/login to Hubspot as your target

How resume parsing works?
  • Authorize account and map Hubspot fields with CandidateZip’s fields such as first name, country, email, phone, current employer etc.

How to transfer data from Box to Hubspot
  • Finish your zap. This is one-time initialization only and rest data will fetch automatically from Box to Hubspot.

What does resume parsing mean?

  • Easy to use

  • One-time set up

  • Automatic process

  • Free of cost parsing tool

  • You can achieve the most accurate results

  • Accelerate recruitment process

  • Faster turnaround

This app handles thousands of resumes at a time within few minutes only. Once initialized, it runs around the clock and sends details to your CRM, Database or ATS continuously. It can connect with 4000+ CRM, ATS or databases globally. It helps to obtain qualified clients as well as leads.

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