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Connecting with the Right Candidate through Automation

2020 is here. With every new year, HR technology is also evolving day by day. We are in the era of recruitment, where we need to be first and fast in hiring the top talent. Recruiters are recruiting in a candidate-driven market, which means candidates have more options to choose from. So, as a recruiter, you need to work quickly to get the perfect fit for the organization. Finding a dozen hires in a single day requires a variety of processes with no room of errors. But with the few additions of technology, recruiters will be able to speed up their recruitment process.

The big question here is how automation helps recruiters in their recruitment process? I am summarizing a few benefits of technology for small businesses so that they can gain immense value from it.

1. Save Time:

Screening multiple resumes manually is a hard task. Automation is the best solution to this challenge. Recruiters can use technology to generate the desired results. An online resume parser tool that simplifies resumes/jobs data extraction into ATS/CRM for recruiters can help you in screening out applicants easily. This tool helps recruiters to extract resumes/jobs into their ATS/CRM quickly. Recruiters can easily set up this automated extraction process in three easy steps. This also saves time on data entry and helps recruiters to close more jobs.

2. Build Trust Among Candidates:

Another automation in recruitment is Chatbots. Chatbots are like handy virtual assistants that never go home. The advantage of a chatbot is that they are available 24*7 to answer the queries of applicants. Instant messaging through a chatbot is a fantastic tool that facilitates interaction between the recruiters and candidates. They also help recruiters in speeding up the recruitment process. Chatbots can perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Text Messaging

  • FAQ's

  • Asking questions to applicants about their skills and qualifications

3. Improves Productivity:

Automation empowers recruiters to work efficiently and make better decisions at a faster pace. The use of updated technology is important to enhance productivity. A simplified resume parser is the best option to shortlist candidates, which makes it easier to hire a perfect candidate. Through AI solutions, recruiters improve their productivity and save a lot of time, which can be used in planning and implementing other essential business strategies.

With automation, your small business can enhance productivity, improve efficiency, optimize workflows, and other advantageous unheard of before. Automation at the right place can make HR activities more systematized and focused.

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