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5 Cost-Effective Recruitment Methods for Small Businesses

Setting up a small business is quite taxing. Each decision is crucial because of the tight budget, being a major limitation. Small business owners look at doing multiple tasks by spending less money.

We would like to share a few recruitment methods which are not only cost-effective but efficient for business. Adopting them will not only increase productivity but help grow your business. The best part about these methods is that there is no need to hire staff for using them. You will have to spend less time and efforts but will get better and quick results.

1) Technology

There is no doubt that technology can create wonders. Recruitment is a challenging task for small business owners. With limited resources, it becomes quite tiresome to find the right candidate. A resume parser software fulfills this objective. It extracts candidates’ information from their resumes and saves in ATS/CRM used by the company. Choose a parser which does not require coding and needs one-time quick setup. Thus, you do not have to hire a technical professional to use the software.

2) Social Media

Post jobs on social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and connect with candidates. It is an excellent platform where you can find relevant candidates. Connect with them, engage them and interact with them. It is one of the best ways to choose the one who is fit for your job.

3) Job Boards

Another easy way to reach job seekers is posting jobs on job boards. The first step candidates take while looking for a job is creating their account on job boards and search for relevant jobs. Some of the leading job boards are Craigslist, Jobboom, Indeed, Workopolis, Monster Canada, etc.

4) Your Website

Create a user-friendly website which provides complete information about what you do. Attract as much traffic as you can. Create a careers page and let candidates apply for jobs with ease.

5) Staffing Agencies

Source candidates from employment agencies. They make recruitment easy by posting jobs, shortlisting candidates, conducting background checks and preliminary interviews.

It's time you start exploring the potential of these tools to enhance your recruitment process.

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