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10 Most Curious Questions for Recruiters

No code resume parser for easy recruitment

I cannot deny that recruitment is a tedious task. If I have to step into the shoes of a recruiter, I would definitely get the jitters. Screening numerous job applications or resumes to shortlist the best ones is time-consuming and mentally tiring.

I am writing a few questions which every recruiter has in mind.

1) Uploading resumes manually to my ATS/CRM is time-consuming. What should I do?

2) Is there a way to convert resumes to excel sheets?

3) Can I automate the recruitment process?

4) How can I know about a candidate without reading the resume?

5) I want to buy a resume parser, but it is too expensive. Is there a parser which fits my budget?

6) Can I use a parser without a programming team?

7) Can I add resume parser to my homegrown ATS?

8) Can someone upload all these jobs and resumes with all data parsed to my ATS?

9) How can I get quality candidates in a short time?

10) I use Salesforce. Is there a resume parser which can be easily integrated with the same?

Can you relate yourself with these questions mentioned above?

I am sure you can, and I am sure you need an instant solution for it.

Well, the solution is right here. And it is CandidateZip.

That’s right!

If you want to automate your recruitment process but have a limited budget and no technical team, CandidateZip is the right choice for you.

It is a resume and job parsing plugin which is a gamechanger in parsing technology.

  • The main forte of this plugin is parsing without coding.

  • There is no need to hire technical personnel to use this parser.

  • Just a few clicks and you are all set to parse without changing your current ATS/CRM.

No matter which source or target you are using. It connects with more than 4000 ATS/CRM namely Salesforce, Bullhorn, Nimble, Google Sheets, etc. and 1000+ sources like GDrive, Dropbox, Gmail and many more.

You can parse resumes by creating a zap on Zapier or a recipe on Workato. If you want to parse resumes from Gmail and upload the data to Salesforce, follow these simple steps.

Still thinking about choosing a resume parser?

Sign up now and start automating your recruitment process.

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